Diversity of Political and Economic Systems Around the World

Topics: United States, Economic growth, President of the United States Pages: 9 (1641 words) Published: May 8, 2013
There are many theories for a successful economic system. There are debates whether

which type of government is most ideal. But perhaps no one ideology is correct. Countries that

have different cultures, histories, and governments can all be economically successful. This can

be seen by looking at the United States, Egypt, and China. The differences in these countries are

immense- from the number of political parties, to how much control the government has or even

how it is set up. However, even with their differing systems they all have one thing in common:

all three have posted positive economic growth over the last few years in, for the most part,

stable national political climates.

The United States has had a very stable political system since the nation declared it’s

independence in on July 4th, 1776. The nation’s government is a constitution-based federal

republic representing a population of over 313 million citizens (CIA). There are a plethora

of political parties that represent the wide ranging views of the nation’s citizens. The most

prominent political parties are the Democratic, Green, Libertarian and Republican parties (CIA).

Transfer of power in the United States has always been peaceful, even when transitioning

between two opposing parties in a widely disputed election as was the case in the 2000

presidential election. The executive branch of the United States includes the President, who is

the head of state, as well as the Vice President. The President and Vice President are both elected

together on the same ticket by a college of electors who are directly elected by each state. The

President and Vice President serve a term of 4 years and can serve a maximum of 2 terms. The

Legislative branch is a bicameral system consisting of the Senate, housing 100 seats, and the

House of Representatives, which houses 435 seats. Members of the Senate and the House of

Representatives are directly elected via popular vote and serve 6 and 2 year terms, respectively.

The United States’ Judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court, United States Courts of

Appeal, United States District Courts, and State and County Courts (CIA). This political system,

although slightly modified over the young nation’s lifetime, has proven to be a stable system.

The modern day government of China, although much younger than the United

States, has also had a consistent political system. Since establishment of the communist

government in 1949, the population of China has more than doubled to over 1.3 billion citizens

which is more than 4 times the population of the United States. Although, there are multiple

registered political parties that are part of the political system, the Chinese government is

effectively a single party system under control of the Communist Party of China, or the CPC

(CIA). Like the United States, transfer of power in China has been a peaceful process, and can be

attributed to the homogenization of political views among Chinese officials. Further, in contrast

to the United States, the number of political parties in China is far fewer than that in the United

States and the few minor parties that do exist are under CPC direction. China’s executive branch

includes the president and vice president and premier. In contrast to the United States, the roles

of president and vice president are largely ceremonial and their purposes are to represent the

country in official and ceremonial settings. These chiefs of state are elected by the members of

the country’s legislative branch, known as the National People’s Congress. The title of “premier”

is given to the head of state. The premier is selected by the president for nomination and is

confirmed by the legislative branch. The number of legislators in the National People’s Congress

is 2,987, much greater than the number of legislators in the United States which...
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