Diversity My Experience

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  • Published : December 19, 2011
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My Experience with Diversity
I believe diversity is an important aspect of life. I understand that diversity is what makes each individual unique. I grew up in India. India is a vast country where one can encounter diversity in every walk of life. The society in India is a myriad collection of people with differences in religion, class, race, profession and ability. I feel by growing up in India, I have learnt to respect people and culture that have different beliefs. I encountered diversity first in school. I met students with different viewpoints on the same subject. I encountered a whole gamut of new ideas. I opened up to new experiences which helped me in my future. Diversity can be of any form style, religion, food and culture. I learnt the importance of diversity from food and culture.I experienced varieties of food due to globalisation and travel. I enjoyed the same dish prepared in different ways during my travels. I am from southern part of India. Rice is the staple ingredient in this part of the country. There are numerous dishes that are prepared from rice in south India. I opined that there can be nothing new that can be prepared with rice. I changed my opinion when I travelled north. I tried a dish called Pulao. It was made from exactly the same ingredient that is used in the south. However, I tasted something new and fabulous. I changed my opinion. Diversity shows a different way of doing things. I learnt to be more open in my views. I began trying out various international cuisines. I saw again that the ingredients are the same. However, the product tasted different. Chapati in India is similar to tortillas from Mexico. Chapati is bread prepared from wheat. I ate it with different types of vegetable gravy. Tortilla is also bread prepared from wheat. I could eat it with a variety of condiments wrapped in like a roll.I see that the pizza is one of the most diverse foods we have. Pizza originated in Italy. I can eat pizza now in...
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