Diversity Management Plan

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Diversity Management Plan

The importance of a diversity management plan is to show the public, employees and stakeholders that they have committed their company to follow a plan that will allow them to manage the diversity within the company. Employees want to work for a company that recognized and respects them as being different and contributing to the workplace diversity. The public wants to support a company that has a program in place, where they know that the staff are being treated equally. The purpose of a diversity management plan is that the proper management of diversity can lead to positive affects within the company such as increases in productivity and innovation. When people are unsatisfied with their job from discrimination, their productivity will drop; the program will ensure that there will be no toleration of discrimination, which will boost their morale and in turn increase productivity and innovation. Companies must continuously work on diversity in the workplace to maintain a positive atmosphere. The content of a diversity management plan can vary from company to company; most companies want to achieve the same goal, but will typically include different policies. A company will typically include things such as how to identify and eliminate discrimination problems, how to recognize that different employees may require different things to complete their job properly and how to develop and set policies and programs to maintain the goals of the diversity management plan.

The steps involved in the formulation of a diversity management plan are very important. First you must establish a framework which will enforce commitment to the program, as well as set a blueprint for what you are trying to accomplish by creating the plan. Secondly, you will need to identify the reasons, benefits and goals for expanding to a more diverse company. Next you must set forth an action plan for how the program will work. The next step would be setting the...
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