Diversity Management Essay

Topics: Islam, United States, Muhammad Pages: 5 (1589 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Diversity management essay

The article untitled “Managing Diversity: Afghan-Americans and the Aftermath of the Twin Towers Tragedy” deals with the discrimination issue in America towards Muslims since the events of September 11. In fact, it illustrates the impact of this terrorist act on the American population and especially on their behaviour towards Muslim people as well as towards other ethnic minorities who “look” Muslim. Thus, the main purpose of this article is to study the impact of this discrimination on the American society and particularly its consequences in the workplace.

First of all, this article enhances the role played by the American Bush government and by the media. Thus, after the terrorist attack the president Bush claimed that the world was bipolar: Muslims embodied evil and West people were good. Besides, the media emphasized this position. The result of this action was disastrous for Muslims living in America. The feeling of hate against Muslims grew fast. It could be simply observed in many fields, especially in workplace. Secondly, the article focuses on the Afghan history. In fact, Afghans have lived in America for many years and their migration was mostly due to education. Thus, Afghans have been a dynamic and flourishing workforce in America with many relevant and outstanding managers. Thirdly, the article enlarges on a study made on Afghan-American population. This study consisted in short surveys completed by Afghan-Americans. The result shows that since the terrorist act of September 2001, the discrimination against Afghan-Americans has considerably increased. Moreover, they have become the new scapegoats for Americans replacing the black population.

I chose this paper for two different reasons. First of all, I am really interested in all geopolitical issues like globalization, international conflicts, relations, diplomacies etc. I think that the Islam/Muslim conflict is exciting by its complexity, so I was glad to have a possibility to work and debate on such an interesting subject. Secondly, this article is a relevant example of Diversity Management issue, so it really goes hand in hand with what I was searching for.

According to this article, the terrorism stereotype preoccupies the majority of the Americans and prevents a good atmosphere in the workplace. This issue is obviously important. We have to lay the emphasis on it, because in a long term it can become a real weakness and a hurdle for the American growth and prosperity. In fact, the article points out the fact that the Muslim-Afghan workforce is composed of talented and motivated workers. A study made by Mujtaba and Kaifi in 2009 reveals an interesting result: Afghans have obtained higher scores on the relationship orientations than White men. Basically, what does it mean? It means that their levels of emotional intelligence are very high. Therefore, it directly leads to a better job performance. We infer that the discrimination due to religion and the unfounded belief that White men are more gifted and fit to do business build a significant barrier in American business. Managers do not trust Muslim people who are able to succeed in many tasks and give several new ideas. Rather than using all their different and relevant skills, Americans and particularly American managers make conflict with Afghan-Muslims and deprive this group of person of equal opportunities. This conflict constantly grows up and directly affects the totality of the workforce. If there is a misunderstanding at work or a rivalry mixed with a feeling of hate, the work cannot be well executed. Therefore, the yield would never be as high as it could be if the same work was done in a good and flourishing atmosphere. Some companies are scared of recognising the need of diversity at the workplace because they pretend that it would polarize one group against the other. The problem is that some of them do not understand that...
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