Diversity in the Music Classroom

Topics: Education, Special education, Teacher Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: April 21, 2011
In this article it discusses many different musical products created to increase the learning ability of children with disabilities. It explains that using rock and rap can help to make learning more fun for the students and help them to keep focus. The article states that, “Rap music is great for teach rhyming words and basic literacy skills.” I honestly agree, not even only for students with learning disabilities but also the everyday average student. I myself use music to help with my memorization skills, if there is a term I cannot seem to remember I make up a tune that will be used as a memory aid. That is what this article is implying for teachers in a classroom to do, incorporate different musical techniques to help the student become more interested and engaged in the lesson. In the article it talks about an education product called Rap it Up, created by Mark Weakland, which is a cd of simply rap beats so that the students and teacher can create words to the rhythms in order to bring music into the lesson and make it more fun and interesting for the students.

It also discusses that speech-language pathologists and special education teachers find it beneficial to their students to use these musical theories in their lessons. Students are able to take their lessons and take the key points and turn them into a song or a rap turning music into a pneumonic device for learning. This type of connection between special education and music is a great example diversity in the classroom. It is a great and useful way to learn and hold the interest of the children with learning disabilities. Diversity is a point of difference, and it is good to have diversity in the classroom, because it keeps things interesting and the students involved. Music is a great way to bring diversity into the classroom. There are many different ways of incorporating music into your lessons and I know from teachers stories that it is great to use while dealing with students...
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