Diversity in the Classroom

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Running head: Diversity In The Classroom

Diversity in The classroom
Harold L. Mason
Grand Canyon University: Educ: 313
February 17, 2013

Diversity in The Classroom
How would you handle the Diverse groups in the classroom and monitor their behaviors. In today’s educational system the diversity is more apparent than it was ten years ago. In order for an educator to be successful in the classroom they must be aware of the cultural diversity in their classroom. For example, here in Gallup, New Mexico the classrooms are mixed with different cultural ethnicities. There is a large population of Navajos that come from very remote places in Mc Kinley County. Many of the students do not learn the English language until they enter school thus making them behind as far as their peers. Many of the students come from isolated parts of the county and access to their house is usually limited during the winter and rainy seasons of the summer. Many of the Native American family are forced to hold to two jobs or both parents must work in order to provide the basic needs for their family.

Another ethnic group that is popular in the local school system is the Hispanic population. Since we are so close to the Mexican border there is a large amount of Hispanics from Mexico in our school system. Many of the Hispanic children that come from Mexico are not proficient in the English language and usually come from low income families. Many of these children are exposed to gangs, violence and drugs thus they are taught in order to survive they must be a part of a gang. Since many of the parents of these children are forced to work two jobs or both parents working there is little parent intervention. This allows the children to do as they please and become involved in gangs, violence and drugs, since many of their friends participate in these activities. I feel the teacher should try to learn as much as they can about the students that are in...
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