Diversity & Globalization

Topics: Culture, Indigenous peoples, Colonialism Pages: 8 (2909 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Age of Globalization

Living in the 21st century, we are more connected to each other than ever. With that being said, there is a necessity for us to maintain our cultural diversity as we merge into such a multicultural world. Multiculturalism is, in essence, the study of how individuals from different ethnic, minority, or rural backgrounds receive, analyze, and respond to information that is presented to them. The principle of cultural diversity takes multiculturalism a step further, changing the mainstream approach so that the different ways of receiving, analyzing, and responding to information are all seen as being culturally aware. In the world of today we are all directly or indirectly involved in the cultural socialization and globalization. At times one is so much engaged in trying to blend in that one forgets to be a real “self”. Individuals are in the presence of dozens of new and unfamiliar cultures as a result of increased travel, international trade and foreign media contacts. Many people welcome this new diversity as stimulating and enabling while others find it unsettling and are fearful of losing indigenous cultures that is the basis of their livelihood. These feelings have been articulated in various outlets and have been the focus matter of administrative organizations. As a result, many governments in countries scattered around the world must decide how to respond to this situation. Statement of Problem

Self is the consciousness of one’s own identity, an essential quality that make a person distinct from all others. In a multi-cultural global society, it is this “self” or diversity that must be maintained even at a cultural level. There are so many influences upon the world from Western societies, digital entertainment, merchandise, food companies, etc., that individual rituals or customs of lesser nations begin to fall to the wayside. Along with this is the demise and complete destruction of indigenous groups around the world. This is the problem; throughout all of this globalization and modernization we need to hold onto individual and cultural grass root traditions. It is the loss of indigenous individuality that is instigating the lack of or struggle to maintain diversity in this world. Literature Review

Over the ages, distant merchants have landed upon the shores of new nations and either claimed it as their own or created large settlements. These new pioneers have spread their principles and ideas either intentionally or not with no remorse or thought in respecting the indigenous cultures where they have forced their cultures. This has led to the struggle in indigenous people trying to maintain their identity and way of life against that of the new settlers. As a result of foreign trade, globalization has given rise the increased stream of assets. Foreign ventures in oil, gas and mining has risen four to five times between 1988 and 1997. Subsequently, there happens to be an abundant supply of natural resources in regions populated by indigenous people. These bands of indigenous people are greatly affected by this influx of outside investment and the foreign cultures that accompany it. The cultural uniqueness and socio-economic justness of indigenous people are being threatened in several ways. There is insufficient acknowledgment of the cultural importance of the land and territories that indigenous people inhabit. Mineral removal undertakings lead to extensive dislocation of communities and loss of their farmlands and it affects both their sense of cultural identity and their source of sustainable livelihood. On top of this, Indigenous people are excluded from decision-making processes involving the farm and properties that belong to them.

Information gained by indigenous people is also easily misappropriated. Traditional knowledge about plants with medicinal value, food varieties that consumers demand and other valuable...
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