Diversity Essay

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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I believe that diversity is an awesome concept/theory. Additionally, I believe that “true diversity” is something America will never achieve. There are some organizations and institutions that have zero tolerance for non-diversified environments and have successfully achieved that goal (to an extent); but overall as a nation; I personally believe our culture, mindset and practical origins prevent actual implication in a variety of instances. To achieve an America where we are judged by the content of our character and our academic achievements or skills; not the color of our skin, our religious beliefs, our sexual orientations and our age; would be a semi-utopia. First and foremost, this country was founded on an assumption that the original people “found” here were an inferior and “wild” bunch of uneducated individuals. The American Indians were discriminated against immediately, simply because they were different; spoke a different language, practiced a different lifestyle and embraced different religious and ethnic customs that were foreign (and seemingly alien); to what the pilgrims were accustomed to in Europe. Later in history, slavery and the outcomes of the Civil war, had a huge impact upon what most Anglo Americans inherently believe about Black people as a race here in America. As a Black woman, born and raised in a Midwestern city like Chicago, my views about diversity are typically shared by a large number of “us” the baby boomers; yet considered by outsiders as rather radical. As stated in one of the aforementioned paragraphs, it is a nice ideology, one that is noble and the pursuit of its statutes should be an ongoing effort. In reality, in this particular city, it is a misnomer of sorts. In my opinion? True diversity will always be a highly sought after principle that will not be achieved in reality. Employers, in my experience, in Chicago, have a tendency to hire people “like” themselves. They unconsciously seek candidates similar in...
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