Diversity at Work Place

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Workforce has diversified work place all over the world as well as in Pakistan due to globalization, emerging minorities, multi-generation and cultures. Due to diversified workforce differences like age, culture, disabilities, race, religion and gender have emerged in the organizations of Pakistan. Due to globalization, people from different countries and cities with different culture, race and religion combine and work together which creates differences among employees in terms of thinking, norms, values and religion. Minorities and women are emerging in workplace because they have realized that it is the only way for them to prove themselves and get their rights. Another reason for women taking part in workforce in Pakistan and all over the world is the increasing inflation and worsening economic conditions. This has reshaped workforce that falsify the practices that were the part of workforce before when the traditional ways of work were followed and workforce was not diversified. Multi-generations also leads to workforce diversity. Now elderly people are willing to do work even after retirement age due to increasing inflation and economic problems of Pakistan. One another reason for willingness of elders to do work even after retirement age is to maintain their standard of living and to remain busy. This creates a blend of young and old people in workplace. They have different goals, values, needs and experiences that create conflict of interest in workplace. Different cultures prevail in Pakistan because it has five provinces that diversify the work force and it becomes more diverse when foreign people join the workforce. This workforce diversity will continue to prevail and the core responsibility of organization is to manage this workforce diversity. Organizations strive to achieve success in today’s competitive business environment. There are a variety of factors that contribute to organizational success. Among the most important factors is the human resource that greatly affects the success of a company. To study the contribution of the human element to the success of any organization we studied employees in the workplace across 3 dimensions: 1. Women’s role in the workplace 2. Multi-generations in the workplace 3. Ethnicity in the workplace The aim of studying employees across these three different dimensions was to see how employee traits and skills vary depending on any of these dimensions. Our aim through this report was to find how different were employees from each other based on these three dimensions and what unique skills these employees brought to the organization based on ethnicity, gender and age. As employees can be differentiated for example based on age, they possess various unique traits that may be used by the organization to its advantage. To discover how successfully organizations manage employee differences and use those differences to for its own success, we interviewed various employees of two organizations HBL and PARCO.

To determine diversity at work place (ethnic, age and minority) affect the long-term performance of the company.


The research techniques used were observation and interviews and the research tool was questionnaire. Secondary research: Journals, magazines and newspapers. Primary research: Habib Bank Limited and PARCO.

The recognition of the relationships between diversity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage has stimulated both academics and the business community to search for factors and situations that give rise to creativity in individuals and for the catalysts of creativity in teams (West & Anderson, 1996). Whilst innovation in the West has tended to be defined in terms of breakthrough technologies and products, the kaizen philosophy encouraged Japanese manufacturers to think more broadly and to devise...
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