Diversity at Marriott and Hyatt

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Diversity matters to every one of us. The hospitality industry makes us unique in that we are able to appeal to each and every person in one way or another. In the lodging segment of the hospitality industry we come in contact with a wide variety of people every single day. Diversity is defined as "recognizing, appreciating, valuing, and utilizing the unique talents and contributions of all individuals” (Webster, 1999) regardless of age, career experience, color, communication style, culture, disability, educational level or background, employee status, ethnicity, family status, function, gender, language, management style, marital status, national origin, organizational level, parental status, physical appearance, race, regional origin, religion, sexual orientation, thinking style, speed of learning and comprehension, etc. Diversity is important to the success of any business. It is important to incorporate an excellent and thriving diversity program in a business. This paper will focus on two large hotel brands, Marriott and Hilton. Both of these hotel brands have excellent diversity programs. Through exploration of the brands, this paper will find out the similarities and differences. This paper will also explore what the American Hotel and Lodging Association is doing with diversity.

Hilton Hotels Corporation has incorporated a great diversity program. Hilton takes pride in the diversity of their work force. “More than half of the Hilton Family Hotels workforce are minorities and women” (hiltonworldwide1.hilton.com). Diversity in Hilton Corporation starts from conception of the brand. Conrad Hilton had a vision that hospitality would reach everyone around the world. His philosophy is that “It has been, and continues to be our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality” (hiltonworldwide1.hilton.com). This philosophy is just the beginning of the diversity initiatives Hilton has incorporated. The Hilton family appreciates the unique perspectives and talents that each and every person bring to the organization. Stephen F. Bollenbach President & CEO of Hilton Hotels Corporation says that Hilton Hotels Corporation diversity initiatives are designed to produce quantifiable and qualitative results which go beyond just establishing and maintaining a diverse workforce. They have incorporated diversity principles into all aspects of our business operations: employment, training and mentoring, purchasing, franchising/hotel ownership, advertising, marketing, community support, and management performance measurements.

What is Hilton Corporation doing that is making their diversity program so successful? Through Human resources and training it enhances competitiveness through a workforce that reflects diversity of the hotel guests, appreciates uniqueness of each guest, and value contributions of all the fellow team members. • Administering over 350 written Affirmative Action Plans covering Owned and Managed hotels. • Received OFCCP Letters of Compliance on all reviews conducted at all our owned and managed hotels that participated in these reviews over the past few years. • Maintaining approximately:

– 60% minority workforce representation, and 50% female.
– Almost 30% minority representation in management positions; over 40% female representations. • Providing proprietary diversity training program at all levels of hotel operations; includes a “Guiding an Inclusive Organization” module for hotel General Managers. • Matched all team members signing up for mentoring with appropriate mentors; all upper management staff participating as mentors. • Ensuring promotable pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds, skills and abilities through Hilton Hotels Management Development Program (“HHMDP”). (cvmas02.cvmsolutions.com/Hilton)

Hilton also uses competitive minority and women owned companies with increase access to purchasing and supply activities. It creates supplier...
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