Diversity at Dell

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  • Published : October 7, 2008
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The article I choose to review focused on the new flexible working established for employees of Dell Computers. Also, it described in detail their new “Women’s network,” that has helped Dell retain key employers. Through diversity, Dell has been able to understand and meet the changing needs of its global customers. The article explains how diversity has become an important factor of the company’s value. For dell, creating a diverse workforce has been difficult and has involved commitment from the company.

The article discusses how changes in demographics, population, and rapid economic development of countries caused Dell to search for talent globally. Also the changing family needs, migration patterns, and the more multicultural nature of society has influenced a change in Dell’s culture of work. In response to these changes Dell created three imperative aspects that they focus on in maintaining diversity. 1.To provide a great customer experience and this requires a workforce reflective of Dell’s customers. 2.To access the best and brightest talent that marketplace has to offer. 3.To focus on global expansion with employees who understand the various cultures thereby providing Dell with a competitive edge. A few years ago dell lacked the culture that it wanted to create by neglecting to provide support for career planning and progression and detailed codes of conduct. As dell continued to expand globally, it became necessary for Dell to have good awareness of different work styles and cultures. Dell developed a diversity strategy that focused on driving an environment of inclusion, where employees are embraced and accepted as an integral part of the team wherever they work. The strategy will include individuals of different nationality, gender, color, ethic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or simply the freedom to offer a different perspective viewpoint or opinion. The article attributes much of the success of the diversity...
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