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3. How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect team building? Team building is based on many factors and diversities arise from many different factors. We have language barriers to get past, hard time with dialect, or trying to speak an unfamiliar language. It could also be from attitude, perhaps someone could have a bad attitude. Maybe the attitude was brought in from outside then again it could have been personal with someone or stress from the formation of a new team. People have different work styles. The way we learn to work is not the same as somebody else, some people think their way is the best and they try to impose it on others, then they give you attitude. Diversity in the work place is a good thing; it brings elements that are needed. You get difference of opinions and difference of ideas, and you also get cultural differences, which brings a new mind set. Team building is made up of meeting new people and new ideas and you have to go through a lot of change. It is human nature to resist change; we fear the unknown, so team building can cause all kinds of factors. Some people will have attitude, while some will make friends and alliances, while other people will hid behind their attitude. Team building has many factors that go against it. You have to factor in differences of opinion and conflicts in personalities, some will work fine and some will crumble from within. If you’re in charge you have to be able to spot the signs and tell if the team is stable or not. Keep the atmosphere in the team to where it caters to every ones ethics.
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