Diversification of Energy Sources

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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There are a number of arguments in favor of the diversification of energy sources in Australia. Development based on fossil fuels make the climate changing a more serious problem. According to Harding(2008) industrialized countries have responsibility to recognize renewable energy solutions as a priority and reduce the dependency on fossil-fuel energy, for the reason that the development relianted on fossil fuels has caused climate change issues. Moreover, the diversification of energy sources is environmentally friendly. Wu, etal(2009) assert that a mix of energy sources is needed for a cleaner economy in the future.

There are, however, some valid arguments against diversification. First of all, Australian economy will be damaged hardly without fossil fuels. Sinclair(2009, PP.60-67) asserts that coal is the most economical option to meet the nation’s energy demands, because of the large size and convenient locations of Australia’s main black coal deposits. Secondly, Australia’s coal industry has significant meaning for local economy, measures could be taken to limit the impacts to environment. According to The Australian Coal Association(2011) new technologies could be developed to dramatically decrease the environmental impacts without abandoning the coal industry which is worth billions of dollars per year.

In conclusion, there are important arguments both for and against the case for pursuing diversification of energy sources in Australia. Proponents of the diversification argue that using fossil-fuel energy makes climate changing a more serious problem, while critics claim that technologies could be developed to reduce environmental impacts which caused by fossil fuels. Clearly the benefits of diversification of energy sources outweigh the risks due to its sustainable development. Consequently, Australian government should pay more attention to the diversification of energy sources.
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