Diverse Succession Planning

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“The future of many organizations is likely to depend on their mastery of diverse succession planning given that building bench strength among women and minorities will be critical in the competitive war for talent”. (Charles R. Greer and Meghna Virick, 2008.) They stressed further: “Aside from the leadership provided by CEOs and diversity officers, management of diversity should be embraced by the entire leadership team and not perceived as the exclusive domain of the HR function.” Cisco System becomes a $12 billion high-technology company with over 47,000 employees in not less than 54 countries of the world due to its strategic management policies and practices among which is diverse succession planning. Cisco puts in place its diversity initiatives and gender Initiatives because of its belief that connection of businesses, people and communities is a business imperative. This simple presentation on diverse succession planning is intended to explain the following points: 1- The concept of diverse succession planning (DSP)

2- The advantages of diverse succession planning
3- The steps involved in developing a diverse succession plan 4- Conclusion with the comments of some senior diversity leaders. What is Succession planning and diverse succession planning? Simply put, Succession planning is the process of identifying high-potential employees, evaluating and improving their skills and abilities, and preparing them for advancement into positions which are keys to the success of business operations and objectives. Diverse Succession implies incorporation of gender and racial diversity with succession planning by identifying methods for developing women and minorities as successors for key positions. (Charles R. Greer and Meghna Virick 2008). Putting together, diverse succession planning is a process of identifying high-potential employees of any age, culture, ethnicity, gender, geographic background or sexual orientation, evaluating and improving their skills and abilities, and preparing them for advancement into positions which are keys to the success of business operations and objectives. Workforce diversity" describes the differences, similarities, and unique features that exist in an organization's workforce due to the mixture of gender, ethnicity, race, national origin, disabilities, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs and other factors. The advantages of Diverse Succession Planning (DSP)

Diverse Succession Planning has the following advantages:
* It helps to avoid extended and costly vacancies in key positions and assure the stability of business operations. * It provides meaningful developmental opportunities for both the organization and its employees as it targets key leadership positions at varying levels. * It helps to develop a diverse workforce by enabling decision makers to look at the future make-up of the organization as a whole. * It helps to connect business people and communities.

* It facilitates better decision making
* It helps in anticipating important market changes and be more responsive to customer needs. * It facilitates equal opportunity policy through recruitment, training and promotion process regardless of employees’ race, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious background and nationality. * It boasts global workforce.

The steps involved in developing a diverse succession plan
Succession planning involves:
* Understanding the organization's long-term goals and objectives. * Identifying the high-potential candidates and their respective developmental needs. * Determining workforce trends and predictions.

* Identifying legal and diversity issues to consider.
* Establishing present and future leadership roles and objectives. * Selecting key employees.
* Evaluating the strengths, weaknesses and readiness for succession in...
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