Divergent Evolution

Topics: Human, Evolution, Natural selection Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Divergent Evolution

Once upon a time there was a nuclear war that killed over 5billion people on earth. However because of the war the human race went through Divergent evolution , which is when two or more species live in different habitats but come from the same ancestral group. Therefore the human race was split into to very different species. The first species was selected for a mutation that allowed them to grow an immunity to the nuclear radiation and are to be referred to as mutants. For example, out of 100 of those humans only 12 were selected for the mutation of radiation immunity and because of that they repopulated among each other for many years so their offspring could also have this immunity. The radiation may not effect the mutants much physically but mentally it has left them with many animalistic instincts and violent outbursts. The second species lived underground so they could avoid the radiation they are to be referred to as mole people. It all started with a few people who had amazing hearing and because of that they survived better underground than people with amazing sight. The people with hearing problems and amazing sight all died off over the years and were replaced by more people with amazing hearing because they were able to have more offspring that carried the mutation for such amazing hearing. Also because most people had bad eyesight to begin with many offspring were selected for horrible eyesight as well which defined them as mole people. In conclusion because of the nuclear war the mutants and the mole people were created from a common ancestor ...humans.
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