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八達通之售價包括港 幣50元可退還按金。 若八達通餘額不足以 支付車費,其最大負 數金額為港幣35元。



種類 成人 長者 小童

乘客可選擇支付頭等額外費享用東鐵綫的頭等車廂服務, 費用相等於該程東鐵綫車程的普通等正價車費。 使用八達通乘搭頭等 使用八達通的乘客,請於進入頭等車 廂前在頭等核准器以八達通登記。頭 等核准器設於東鐵綫月台及通往頭等 車廂的通道門旁,只需把八達通輕觸 頭等核准器,待綠燈亮起及有聲響, 即表示已獲確認進入頭等車廂。

The MTR Network Covers the Whole of Hong Kong
At the MTR, we strive to bring passengers a safe, fast, convenient and reliable railway service through our comprehensive network. This network comprises nine lines, the Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Island Line, Tung Chung Line, Tseung Kwan O Line, East Rail Line, West Rail Line, Ma On Shan Line and Disneyland Resort Line. Together with the Light Rail and MTR Bus networks in the Northwest New Territories, passengers can travel quickly and e ciently to destinations throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. The MTR also operates the Airport Express between Hong Kong

The price of an Octopus includes a HK$50 refundable deposit. If the remaining value stored on an Octopus is less than the amount of the fare being paid, a negative value of up to HK$35 is permitted to

Octopus Price List Type Adult Price (HK Dollar)

First Class Service on East Rail Line
Passengers have the option of paying a premium to enjoy the East Rail Line’s First Class Service. The First Class Premium is equivalent to the normal Standard Class Fare for the same East Rail Line journey. Using Octopus to Enjoy First Class Service Before entering the First Class compartment, passengers must validate their Octopus for First Class by swiping their cards over a First Class Processor. The processors are located on the platforms of the East Rail Line or beside the gangway doors of the First Class compartment. There will be a green light and “beep” sound once a card has been validated. Using First Class Single Journey Tickets for First Class Service Passengers wishing to travel by Single Journey Tickets may purchase First Class Single Journey Tickets from Ticket Issuing Machines in East Rail Line stations, or from the Customer Service Centres in any MTR station. $150 $70 $70

150元 70元 70元


港鐵一直致力為乘客提供安全、快捷、方便和可靠的鐵路 服務。覆蓋港九新界的港鐵系統由9條路綫組成,包括 觀塘綫、荃灣綫、港島綫、東涌綫、將軍澳綫、東鐵綫、 西鐵綫、馬鞍山綫及迪士尼綫。此外,港鐵亦為新界西北 的居民提供輕鐵和港鐵巴士服務,全面照顧各區需要。 港鐵同時營運連接香港國際機場和市區的機場快綫,以及 來往內地多個城市的直通車客運服務,為往返機場及內地 的市民和遊客提供更多便利。

此外,在本港就讀的 合資格全日制學生可 申請「學生身分」個 人八達通於港鐵享有特惠車費,而合資格殘疾人士亦可申請 「殘疾人士身分」個人八達通於港鐵以享有特惠車費。有關 詳情請參閱「合資格學生港鐵八達通車費表」或「長者及合 資格殘疾人士公共交通票價優惠計劃港鐵八達通車費表」。 單程票 港鐵現行有兩種單程車票 – 成人單程票及特惠單程票。詳 情請參閱「港鐵單程票車費表」。


enable the cardholder to complete the journey. Eligible full-time students studying in Hong Kong may apply for a Personalised Octopus with “Student Status” to enjoy concessionary fares on the MTR network. Eligible persons with disabilities may also apply for a Personalised Octopus with “Persons with Disabilities Status” to enjoy concessionary fares on the MTR network. For details, please refer to the “MTR Octopus Fare Chart for Eligible Students” and “MTR Octopus Fare Charts for the Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities”.

使用頭等單程票乘搭頭等 選擇使用頭等單程票的乘客可透過設於東鐵綫車站的售票機, 或任何港鐵站的客務中心購買車票。

International Airport and downtown Hong Kong, as well as providing speedy Through Train services to major cities in Mainland China, giving added convenience for both tourists and local residents.

MTR Ticket Types
When taking the MTR, passengers can use either an Octopus or a Single Journey Ticket.

Single Journey Tickets There are two types of Single Journey Tickets available: Adult and Concessionary. Please refer to the “MTR Single Journey Ticket Fare Charts” for details.

乘客可選用八達通或單程票乘搭港鐵。 八達通 使用八達通乘搭港鐵,既方便又經濟。乘客可於任何客務 中心購買成人、小童或長者八達通,並可於客務中心或設 於站內的增值機隨時為八達通增值。 成人單程票 特惠單程票

成人單程票 - 頭等

特惠單程票 - 頭等

Octopus Using an Octopus to ride on the MTR is both convenient and cost-saving. Adult, Child or Elder Octopus are available for sale at any Customer Service Centre. Passengers can add-value to an...
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