District Disaster Management Plan Sindhudurg

Topics: Emergency management, Sindhudurg district, Disaster risk reduction Pages: 164 (37942 words) Published: March 8, 2012
District Disaster Management Plan Sindhudurg

Updated 2011-12

District Disaster Management Authority, Sindhudurg Disaster Management Programme Govt. of Maharashtra


Executive Summary
The District Disaster Management Plan is a key part of an emergency management. It will play a significant role to address the unexpected disasters that occur in the district effectively. The information available in DDMP is valuable in terms of its use during disaster. Based on the history of various disasters that occur in the district, the plan has been so designed as an action plan rather than a resource book. Utmost attention has been paid to make it handy, precise rather than bulky one. This plan has been prepared which is based on the guidelines provided by the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM). While preparing this plan, most of the issues, relevant to crisis management, have been carefully dealt with. During the time of disaster there will be a delay before outside help arrives. At first, self-help is essential and depends on a prepared community which is alert and informed. Efforts have been made to collect and develop this plan to make it more applicable and effective to handle any type of disaster. The DDMP developed involves some significant issues like Incident Command System (ICS), India Disaster Resource Network (IDRN) website, the service of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in disaster management. In fact, the response mechanism, an important part of the plan is designed with the ICS. It is obvious that the ICS, a best model of crisis management has been included in the response part for the first time. It has been the most significant tool to the response manager to deal with the crisis within the limited period and to make optimum use of the available resources. Details of inventory resources are given an importance in the plan so that during disaster their optimum use can be derived. The resource inventory, the IDRN is now linked with the website which is vital to cope with the crisis. It will give the detail information to any officer at the time of disaster. He can view the available resources and order them at the time of disaster. The most necessary equipments, skilled manpower and critical supplies are included in the inventory resources. During disaster, the resources from this website can be ordered without delay which will make the response time lesser. List of medical doctors, control room of various departments, ambulances, blood banks, public health centers, government and private hospitals have been included in this plan. This plan also provides important list of websites, related to meteorology, earthquake, flood, fire, disaster related training institutions, available materials etc. As a whole, this is a genuine effort of district administration to develop the plan and if you have any suggestions and comments be free to convey the same so that we can include them in the next edition. We are thankful to all the institutions and persons who have provided us the vital information in time. Also some blank space has been provided wherever possible so that any further new information can be included as and when required. (Virendra Singh, IAS) July 2011 District Collector / Chairperson of DDMA Sindhudurg


Abbreviations Used in the Document
AIR BIS BSNL CEO CISF CRPF DCR DD DDMA DDMC DDMP DHO DICT DMT DOT DP DRMP EOC FCI GOI GoM IAP ICP ICS ICT IDRN IMD ITI MERI MIDC MPCB MSEDC MSRTC MTDC MWSSB NABARD NCC NDRF All India Radio Bureau of Indian Standards Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Chief Executive Officer Central Industrial Security Force Central Reserve Police Force District Control Room Doordarshan District Disaster Management Authority District Disaster Management Committee District Disaster Management Plan District Health Officer District level Incident Command Team Disaster Management Team Department of Telecommunication Diversification of Power District Risk Management...
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