Distribution System Design, Case Problem 2

Topics: Drinking water, Health, Nutrition Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Numerical Results
We asked several survey questions to gain a better understanding of the demographic of our participants. A total of 15 individuals in the CLU MBA program were surveyed: 11 male and 4 females. The ages of the students ranged from 24 to 56 years old, with a mean of approximately 34 years of age. Respondents also told us about their annual income which ranged from $5,000 to $135,000 with a mean of $62,500, and a standard deviation of $32,073.

Next, we determined the type of water participants drink: store-bought bottled water, home filtered water, or tap water. As depicted in chart A, seven (47%) respondents drink home-filtered water, six (40%) drink bottled water, and the remaining two (13%) drink tap water. An overwhelming majority of respondents, 13 out of 15, drink either bottled or home filtered water. Graph A

Later, we asked participants what has a greater impact on your decision to drink filtered (bottled and home filtered) water rather than unfiltered (tap) water? Six (40%) responded that health concerns weighted heaviest in their decision, three (20%) said availability, two(13%) taste, two (13%) price, one (7%) home filtration system, and one (7%) does not drink bottled or filtered water. As we had anticipated, many more people (2 out of 5) people drink bottled or home filtered water because of health concerns or safety reasons. Our finding are illustrated in Chart A.

Chart A

Our hypothesis was based on people’s belief that tap water is unhealthy to drink, so we also ask respondents questions about their health habits. We asked how many times per week he or she participated in a non-sporting form of exercise. The results are displayed in table A. The majority of respondents exercise 3 to 4 times weekly. We also asked if they consider their diet to be healthy. These results can be found in chart B. Again, the majority of respondents (74%) agreed or strongly agreed that they maintain a healthy diet. Do...
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