Distribution Channel

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Choice of distribution channels

The choice of distribution channels is an important part of the companies’ development and has a significant effect on the production and sales.The production of ipad is very professional ,scientific and specific.Because of its mention ,high-tech products have specify when it comes to the channels of distribution.Usually,we can use the centralized distribution channels. Model of distribution

1) 生产企业直接与最终消费者进行交易,提供包括产品运输、组装调试、维修保养、技术支援在内的全方位服务,保证渠道运营的高效率。直销意味着与最终消费者的接点是单一的,因此其目标客户通常被生产企业锁定在批量采购的大中型企业上。直销虽已被国外众多电脑生产企业如COMPAQ、DELL所采用,在国内却发展缓慢。90年代末,电脑生产企业导入连锁化经营方式对多阶层、多渠道流通组织的管理进行了彻底的改革。具体做法是:削减总代理店的数量,把第3、4级代理店重新加以规范,并入“专门销售店和代理销售店”两层结构体系中,形成总代理店与销售店直接相接触的平坦型网络化组织。最具代表性的生产企业有联想、IBM、HP。 2) Among all of the methods mentioned above ,the most frequent method s Apple use to distribute Ipod are the personal selling and agency.Apple adopt the personal selling because manufacturing companies can trade with customers directly,supplying all-around service such as product transport ,organization and research,preservation and technical support.In that way ,it can ensure the efficiency of the operation of channel.Direct selling means that there is only one point between the producer and the final users,so the target users are usually large or medium companies.Although this method is widely used abroad,it develops slowly in China .Compared with personal selling ,Apple mainly sells Ipod through the distribution channel of Agency. And this approach plays a main role in the sales of electrical products in China.Its main advantage is that it can cover a large number of users,which is in favor of the promotion of Ipod as well as increase the popularity and regulation of the products of Apple.However,the most serious issue of the method is that because of the personal interests pursing of the agents,it is hard to...
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