Distribution Assignment

Topics: Normal distribution, Probability theory, Poisson distribution Pages: 4 (988 words) Published: September 10, 2012

Q1Find the parameters of binomial distribution when mean=4 and variance=3.

Q2. The output of a production process is 10% defective. What is the probability of selecting exactly two defectives in a sample of 5?

Q3. It is observed that 80% of television viewers watch “Boogie-Woogie” Programme. What is the probability that at least 80% of the viewers in a random sample of five watch this Programme?

Q4. The normal rate of infection of a certain disease in animals is known to be 25%.In an experiment with 6 animals injected with a new vaccine it was observed that none of the animals caught the infection. Calculate the probability of observed result.

Q5. If on average 8 ships out of 10 arrive safely at a port, find the mean and standard deviation of the number of ships arriving safely out of a total of 1600 ships.

Q6. Eight coins are thrown simultaneously. Find the chance if throwing (i) At least 6 heads.
(ii) No heads and
(iii) All heads
Q7. In a town 10 accidents took place in a span of 50 days. Assuming that the number of accidents per day follows the Poisson distribution, find the probability that there will be three or more accidents in a day.

Q8. The distribution of typing mistakes committed by a typist is given below. Assuming a Poisson mode, find out the expected frequencies- No. of mistakes per page| 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5|
No. of pages| 142| 156| 69| 27| 5| 1|

Q9. Find the probability that the value of an item drawn at random from a normal distribution with mean 20 and standard deviation 10 will be between: (i) 10 and 15
(ii) –5 and 10
(iii) 15 and 25

Q10. A brokerage survey reports that 30% of individual investors have used a discount broker, i.e. one which does not charge the full commission. In a random sample of 9 individuals, what is the probability that (i) exactly two of the sampled individuals have used a discount broker? (ii) Not more than three have used a...
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