Distinguishing Features and Characteristics of Major Court Systems"

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Supreme court, Court Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: October 31, 2011
“Distinguishing Features and Characteristics of Major Court Systems” CJA500: Survey of Justice and Security
Professor Steven Duplissis

Court structures obviously play a critical and instrumental aspect of the judicial process. This is where victims, suspects, plaintiffs, and arguments are made. Here parties either appeal a decision, accept punishment or decide whether or not their case should go to trial. But before this process begins, we should first get a good understanding of the court structures and what court system hears what cases. We first have local courts, state supreme courts, courts of appeal federal district courts, and finally the federal Supreme Court, the big boy court. Being familiar with court systems myself where I have had to testify, our court structure is similar to the research provided. Beginning with local courts where these courts hear all misdemeanor cases, infractions including traffic rulings. These cases usually are heard out by a judge and a ruling is given immediately. Now this isn’t to say that if a suspect or even a victim is not pleased with the ruling that the case cannot proceed to the superior court for further ruling. Ultimately if the parties are still not pleased, the case will proceed to the court of appeals. And still, if a party is still not satisfied with his/her due process that every citizen is allotted, the case will go to the state supreme court where the case will be thoroughly reviewed by a panel of several judges from all previous courts to determine if any oversight had been committed. So to better explain what the US Constitution and Bill of Rights have granted us so that all man/woman is treated equal with justice until proven guilty, different court structures with different cases have been established. Earlier I mentioned and described local courts hearing minor offenses and civil matters under $4000.00. If an offense resulting in a felony or civil disputes surpass the $4000.00, these cases...
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