Distinguish Between Primary Data and Secondary Data

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Distinguish between primary data and secondary data?
Primary data is the data that is collected first hand from the original source for the purpose of making statistical inference while secondary data is the data that is collected by the method of abstraction and is used to make statistical inference by using primary data already collected by an investigator. Primary data is collected by

Identifying population of interest
choosing sample
analyse sample information
draw inference from sample information
Secondary data is collected by
Visiting the relevant research organisation.
Request for primary data
Collect data from the department of planning research and statistics Analyse primary data collected
Make conclusion or inference

What precautions are to be taken in the analysis of data from a secondary source?  Secondary data should be examined to make sure it is up to date because secondary data may not be current and may not relate to the present period in which it is been used. Data should be detailed i.e. definition of terms, method of data collection and all other relevant information should be well explained.

The sample size from which primary data was collected must be similar to any other sample size on which secondary data is to be used on.

Caution should be taken to make sure that secondary data been used is accurate and has not been filtered, inflated or deflated.

Explain the meaning of interviewer’s bias in the collection of data by the interview method? This is a scenario when an interviewer wants to air a personal opinion on an interview. A typical example of this is what is called begging the question. Here the interviewer asks question that express he’s or her personal perspective. An example is when the interviewer asks a question like: - Don’t you think that private schools have more facilities than public schools? By asking the question in this way the interviewer is...
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