Distance Learning

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Education for the Future

Every child that grows up in our marvelous country is required to go to school and receive an education. The way that each child receives an education is up to the school. There are over 37,000 public and private high schools across the United States. Some high schools offer the opportunity to take online classes, but the majority of distance learning occurs in the college/university setting. As many people are aware of, college students come from a very wide background; old, young, mothers, fathers, young adults, etc. Some people who go to college come straight out of high school, while others may have taken a significant break from school. Since there is such a diverse culture in all colleges/universities, there needs to be many diverse ways of teaching and making the education possible for everyone. As Marilyn Karras writes in her essay, “Calling a University ‘Virtual’ Creates an Actual Oxymoron”, she says, “People who cannot attend classes on campus should not be denied a certificate for completing their studies” (Karras, 180). This is why distance learning is as good if not better than classroom learning.

Distance learning classes prepare students for the workplace because of the advanced knowledge of technology they gain from taking online classes. In Sandra C. Ceraulo’s essay, “Online Education Rivals ‘Chalk and Talk’ Variety”, she states, “I think all students can benefit from trying online education… College students who are experienced in online learning may find themselves at an advantage in the workplace” (Ceraulo, 176). Many companies are trying to keep up with the most technologically advanced software and production. If students have hands-on experience with using computers they will have the upper hand in receiving a job verse someone who is not as experienced in computer and software use.

Not only does distance learning prepare you for the future, it also eliminates the distraction from a regular classroom...
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