Distance Education in Middle School

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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When it comes to distance education in middle school, some may think that it is irrelevant for children to learn outside of the classroom. Personally, I believe that distance education is important at every level of school. In middle school, it would be appropriate for students to experience distance education, by requiring your class to log into a class chat room on the weekend, or at a particular time after the normal class hours and discussing the lesson for the day or the week. Also, as the instructor, you can post a topic on a personalized blog, and open it to your student to leave their opinion, or answer certain questions on the blog. These methods, in my opinion, are beneficial for students to explore the many different technologies readily available to them. With every benefit, there can be some limitations. One limitation concerning distance learning is the fact that if a problem was to arise or occur, the teacher would not physically be there to assist and guide the student. A situation like this could result in the student missing out on the assignment or lecture and possibly earning a failing grade. I believe that distance learning is appropriate for middle school students because it teaches them the importance of responsibility. It allows children to think responsibly and complete work on their own without the direct guidance of their teacher.

Question 2.
The message is the information, attitude, skill, or strategy that we deliver to the students in the classroom. The medium is the tool used in communicating information to the students in your classroom. The method is the way of getting the message across to the students. The message is what is given by the instructor, for someone else, typically the students in your classroom to learn. This message can include words, actions, and in many cases, signals. The message is important in the learning environment because it is what needs to be taught to your students. Teachers must make sure that the...
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