Dissruptive Technology, Ecton

Topics: Marketing, Innovation, Disruptive technology Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 28, 2008
1.Does Ecton, Inc. have a truly disruptive technology? Absolutely, anytime someone can introduce a product at half price that works they are causing a disruption. First they have determined that there are plenty of people who are not buying due to the cost and ease of use. Secondly there are lots of times when getting a quick understanding of a patient that a "good enough" would be better than nothing. Lastly I believe it could hit all the markets it set forth to obtain, making it deadly Consider the criteria set forth in the three readings about disruptive technologies.

2.Develop a “value curve” for Ecton’s product and for the industry standard products following the methodology laid out in “Value Innovation”.

Does Ecton’s product really have a very different package of attributes? Yes they do, in particular the mobility and price points. I think it's critical that they are able to maintain close to the same level of image quality at half the price. Not everyone needs all the modality, but they could definitely use the quality at an affordable price.

To what market segments might this different package appeal? Definitely to Clinics for one, that a lots of times that people will go to a clinic since it is cheaper (and many times faster) only to find out some of the test they might need to diagnose the problem they have to go to the hospital for. I can clearly see a need in the clinic arena. Also third world countries are clamoring for medical technology that they can't afford, but this would give them a definite oppurtunity

3.Does Ecton’s technology have a chance of sufficient price/performance improvement to challenge the established market leaders? Yes If they are making the quality image of the current low end products in a quarter of the size and half the price I would think they have the opportunity to improve there product enough to gain more options and stay well under the current lowest price

1.Given Ecton’s broad...
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