Dissimilarities Identity and Belonging

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  • Published : August 20, 2011
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Dissimilarities most of the times influences and make us rethink our sense of belonging and identity. Differences in terms of religion, value, opinion, appearance, race, gender –to name a few is what makes us unique individuals and assist’s us in determining who we really want to be and where we really want to belong. Differences allows us to determine ourselves, every group has their own set of values and limits - to belong we must not only share those values but also accept and obey those unique set of rules & if we don’t, then it clearly tells us that we don’t want to get identified as a part of those groups because our sense of identity is totally distinguishable from them. Think of why out of all the people that we know, we only choose to belong and be friends with some and not the rest? The answer is precisely because they are similar to us in terms of values, opinions and behaviours .Individuals deny further relationship with the ones whose values, opinions, sometimes appearance & attitudes varies from ours, which we determine only when we stay and socialise with those groups and immediately or after a while realize that those people aren’t whom we want to be like and stay with. It’s this dissimilarities that allows us to rethink about who we want to be and where and whom we really belong.

Impacts of differences on an individuals sense of defining who they are and where they belong is explored in Peter weir’s movie ‘witness’ where John Book’s identity as a police is established by his belonging to the Philadelphia police force. However, due to the corruption that is evident, book has to reconsider his identity as his moral ethics does not see him wanting to continue belonging to that group. When he takes refuge inside the enclosed Amish village his identity as a police officer further diminished as he surrenders his gun for his acceptance in the Lapp household. To promote a further sense of belonging he choose to swap his western clothing for...
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