Dissertation Title Selection

Topics: Green building, Sustainable design, Natural building Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Dissertation Title and Planning
Title – Cost Effective and Efficient Sustainable Design
The aim of this dissertation is to assess which design, materials, heating systems, etc would allow the creation of a low cost sustainable dwelling that could be afforded by anyone. It is fairly easy to design a sustainable dwelling, but designing it to also be affordable can be far more difficult. If only the rich can afford sustainable housing it would not be possible to effectively reduce the impact which homes have on the environment. It is for this reason that the selection of materials and an appropriate heating system must be properly examined to create an affordable sustainable home for the general population. To create a sustainable dwelling the following shall need to be analysed - affordability, renewable and locally sourced materials, site positioning, competition, and how many years the building will last compared to traditional designs to ensure that they are viable. Affordability

The cost will be dependent on the choice of materials, heating systems, and sewage system selected for the building. This will need to be researched carefully as cheaper materials are not as effective at conserving energy as the price usually affects the quality. The cost for annual maintenance over the lifespan of the building will also need to be taken into account. Site positioning

The site on which the building is situated will affect the choice of materials, cost and life span of the building, e.g. proximity to resources. Competition
The sustainable dwelling will need to be appropriately designed, built and priced so that it will appeal to the wider public. If a sustainable building costs considerably more than a traditional building then very few will purchase it.


The materials used will need to create a smaller carbon footprint than materials like concrete which create more carbon whilst being produced than that of a car during its lifetime. Sustainable...
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