Dissertation: the Factors That Influence Successful Internationalization of Firms in Emerging Markets: a Case Study of Mtn International

Topics: International trade, Globalization, International economics Pages: 24 (7563 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Internationalization is essential in the modern world that is filled with many uncertainties. Companies internationalize because of many factors that include profit motives, costs minimization, diversification of the markets, search for new opportunities, saturated domestic market etc. the internationalization process of a firm involves many processes that are interlinked and the firm that wants to internationalize should always take these factors into considerations. The factors include the knowledge on the market, the availability of resources, the strategies to be used and the market environment.

Before a company takes on an international assignment it should plan first. Planning will help the organization not to make mistakes in its initiative. Despite the many motives of companies to internationalize and the advantages involved, there are obstacles that the company must overcome for successful internationalization this paper analyzes the internationalization process in emerging markets, the process, motives, obstacles and benefits to a firm. A case study of MTN international will be used. The study is important to every person interested in international business and companies.More…

1.1 Chapter overview
This chapter will give a highlight of the whole study about internationalization of companies. Included in the chapter are the objectives of the study, the hypothesis, the significance of the study, the study justification and a section that elaborates the methodology and the techniques that the study follows. In addition to the above, this chapter contains a small section that highlights the profile of MTN international, a company is that is taken as a case study for this study. By reading this chapter, the reader will gain a deeper understanding why conducting this study is important not only to companies but also to any person willing to venture into business.

1.2 Introduction
The global market is gaining popularity and gaining importance as a market and a base for internationally active organizations and those that want to international. At the same time, there are organizations across the globe that supports the global economy because of their economical and technological importance. A look at the strategic management of international active firms reveal that investments being made in the world market are shaped by the current trends in internationalization of companies and the increased global competition.

In this research, the role of the global economy and especially emerging markets as a new and important business operation base for firms across the globe will be discussed. The analysis in the paper will focus on the reasons as to why companies across the globe are interested in emerging markets. Subsequently, the basic trends in research on the main motives for companies towards the global economy will be summarized with a particular interest in the MTN international while adding some more examples from other industries and continents.

This paper provides a new framework that is summarized basing on the drawings from the theories of internationalization (Lymbersky, 2008, Susman, 2007) with the aim of delivering a solid basis for further analysis and discussion about the various forms of international business strategies towards emerging markets. From the practical point of the research on strategic management, the theories of internationalization will be examined and applied to the research subject of companies across the globe in their business strategies. In theory, global companies can use various strategies to enter and venture into emerging markets that is indifferent countries; the export strategy, international strategy, joint ventures, franchising, turnkey projects and licensing among many other strategies. From this point, onwards, the paper will discuss the different strategies that are used by organizations to venture into emerging markets and the paper will...
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