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  • Published: February 24, 2013
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Foundation Degree

The purpose of my dissertation is to evaluate the social and economic problems caused by the availability and affordability of alcohol. I am going to carry out an investigation into the consequences of alcohol abuse in South Wales, concentrating mainly in the Neath area.

There is evidence of a rapid increase of alcohol use in women. There is also an increase of alcohol consumption among middle and older age, and an increase in very young adolescents. (http://www.jrf.org.uk/publications/drinking-in-the-uk). 15% of Welsh hospital admissions are due to alcohol intoxication and 45% of Welsh adults say that their town centre has become a no-go area due to alcohol related problems. I have concluded from this information that there is undoubtedly a growing epidemic, but why?

In relation to my question, I have explored this topic further through completion of both primary and secondary research. I have obtained a full and accurate collection of data to analyse and discover an explanation of this fast spreading epidemic.

My primary research consists of 150 questionnaires, which I evenly distributed between people from the age of 14 to 60 and were completed with full confidentiality. I gave them out to students at NPTC, family and friends. This enabled me to assess their feedback. I held an interview with a gentleman who wished to remain anonymous, who discussed his experience with me openly. This enabled me to ask more detailed questions, in order to discover the reasons behind this increasing problem. Unfortunately I was unable to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting due to confidentiality, and due to family commitments I was unable to hold a focus group. I did however; gather enough research to conduct this dissertation fairly.

In order to understand the investigation into the consequences of alcohol abuse I knew I had to include my own experiences, as this would back up my theories of why this problem is growing so...
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