Disscusion Qestion for Week 2 Com/155

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Com/155 Week 2 DQ’s

DQ 1

For this Discussion Question, you must have completed your non-graded activities before completing this DQ. Please answer using at least 150 words, multiple paragraphs, and correct sentence structure, spelling, and capitalization:

This week, we discussed verb usage by focusing on subject–verb agreement and verb tenses. Based on the grammar apply section of MyWritingLab, what lessons have you learned that will change the way you write in the future?

DQ 2

List and describe the five trouble spots located in Ch. 2, Section 2.2: “Errors in Subject Verb Agreement” of the text to help avoid making mistakes in subject-verb agreement. Which mistake do you think is the worst? Why?

When participating with this DQ, give examples of the problems and how to fix them, give hints on how to fix these problems, discuss a time that these problems have caused problems for you, ask questions that make other people think, and try to move beyond just agreeing with someone.

DQ 3

Review the steps in the prewriting phase of essay writing. List and describe the seven types of prewriting identified in Chapter 8. How important do you think prewriting is to the success of an essay? How will prewriting eventually save you time when writing your essay?

DQ 4

Which step in the writing process do you think will be easiest for you to complete? Which step may be the most difficult? Why?

DQ 5

Explain the difference between a thesis and a topic (page 238). What components must a thesis statement include and why

I have learned the principles; behind, subject-verb agreement and verb tenses. I will have to pay close attention to when an occurrence happens; in order, to use the proper verb tense. It is important, to keep in mind one's subject because it will change the agreement. I have to make a dedicated study of irregular verbs; so I will be using the CWE consistently! I have noticed that I get better each...
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