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Question 1 :
What are the reasons for tardiness/lateness of employees in an organization?

Question 2 :
What is the impact on productivity when employees get late to work?

Question 3 :
What course of action would you suggest to the General Manager to control the behavior of such groups in the organization?

Question 4 :
Do you agree with the way the Chairman reacted with regard to the situation? If so why?

Question 5 :
If you were the Chairman, what course of action would you take remedy the situation?

Question 1: What are the reasons for lateness/tardiness of employees in an organization?

There are many reasons as to why or even what may cause an employee to arrive late on a daily basis or develop tardiness at work. Some of the main reasons as to why it may occur could be due to a lack of consequences or rewards available and given to an employee. If an employee reports late to work a time to many and this goes unchecked it may create an illusion to the other employees that punctuality is not acknowledged by the company and the other employee may also follow in becoming late. When talking about rewards, if there are incentives given to employees for punctuality and attendance it would encourage the employees that arrive late to begin to report to work on time but if there is no motivation provided by the company to get their employees to work on time it would be of no use. Another reason for lateness or tardiness of an employee could be because he or she is dissatisfied with the company or is having internal problems within the organization which is demotivating the employee to report to work on time. Some of this dissatisfaction maybe caused due to disputes with his or her colleagues, or the work load handled by the employee too much instead of this work being delegated to some of the workers too and having to deal with the stress load due to this factor. On the other hand another reason could be due to the individual having over-confidence in job security (thinks that he or she is indispensible). If the employee develops over-confidence in job security then there would be no doubt about losing one’s job and would take the rules and regulations of the organization quite lightly.

Question 2: What is the impact on productivity when employees get late to work?

When an employee arrives late to work on a daily basis or even if it is rarely, it affects the productivity of the company in a great manner. For starters the duties and the work to be carried out and completed by the individual would get held up. This could even result in causing some of the other employees work to be delayed. That is, if their work is followed after or is dependent on the work of the employee that is late to work. By this occurring all the work that is supposed to be completed and handed in on a specific date would get delayed resulting in the statistics and other information to be incorrect. Arriving late to work would also affect the moral and mind set of the other employees who do report to work at the correct time. If the issue is not dealt with the other employee may start to feel that it is unfair that one may arrive late and not be penalized while they come on time and is sometimes loaded with that employees work so that it would be completed on or before the due date for their work. This would create problems within the organization which may affect the teamwork of the employees and the peace that is kept between the employees. Negative attitudes would tend to be directed towards the individual that arrives late that may even cause disputes amongst the employees creating an unpleasant environment to work in. When a negative work environment continues to exist the employees may begin to lag in their work, loose interest and enthusiasm to work and may even lack a sense of belonging to the organization causing the productivity of each individual employee to decrease which...
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