Disruptive Student Should Separated or Not

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  • Published : November 12, 2010
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It is society nature that goodness and vice are mixed toghether.If vice did not exist we would not understand what goodness is.We shoud take into consideration that everybody has some bad attributes and some good attributes;moreover,we must know all disruptive children have some good personality traits.If teachers know how to treat them they will not cause many problems for others.the way I see things separation is not the best solution,and it results in many difficulties for disruptive children,especially due to segeragation,preconception and injustice which these children would face during their educational lives. in the first place,if naughty children are separated it will have a very detrimental effect on them in a way that they feel isolated.This sense of isolation will probably make them less active;consequently they are likely to lose their self-esteem.These separation make them believe they differ from others,and they continue their unti-social behavier. Discrimination or bias which they will probably encounter is the second point to consider.Segeragation creates asituation in which everybody treat disruptive children differently from others especially in an unfair way.we must not forget we are aiming to solve their problem,but in this way not only we do not help them,but we also blow their problems out of all proportion. Finally,teacher are stricter towards naughty children in comparison with normal children.Teacher sometimes give these children corporal punishments which they do not really deserve.Even normal students would diminsh them or make fun of them.In other words this separation leads to situation in which they can not gain their rights. In conclusion,separation is the easiest solution but not the best ones.disadvantages of this method outweigh its advantages,especially to do with sense of isolation ,prejudise and injustice which this action would generate.As a result instead of separation,teacher should be taught how to interact with them and...
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