Disrespect of Human Rights

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  • Published : March 6, 2002
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Disrespect of Human Rights

The American community, especially in the wake of the atrocities on September 11th, has been wholly absorbed by images broadcast on network television. Unfortunately, many issues have been fully discounted. I feel that at least one issue must be addressed to a larger extent on a national level. The violation of human rights abroad should be given more attention, especially in civil conflicts. I feel that this moral issue is central to many of the deepest interests of the American public.

The loss of the United States seat on the United Nations Department of Human Rights brought some focus into this arena as journalists dismissed the removal as "contradictory, unjust, and flat out ignorant." They somewhat addressed human rights concerns, but did not deal directly with any regimes. The main brunt of the argument was "the United States should be allowed to come back."

That debate has cooled, while the coverage of human rights has cooled even more. Publications such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International give excellent coverage of these abuses. Unfortunately, they are solely limited to their respective websites and are only occasionally referenced by national media source like CNN.

Nearly everyone in America can remember at least one human rights violation in their time: Tiananmen Square, the Hutu/Tutsi massacres, or even Slobodan Milosevic's ethnic cleansing in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. It seems that the whole array of human rights issues is universally overlooked, but especially by American television broadcasting companies. I feel the violence in Zimbabwe under the ruthless, power hungry Robert Mugabe must be more publicly discussed. Also, there are violations in Angola, Sierra Leone, Cuba, China, Mexico, Brazil, and even the American prison system.

I feel a simple catch phrase must be remembered: "Human's abroad are being massacred and do not even have some of the most...
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