Disrespect and Lack of Discipline

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Essay on disrespect and lack of dicipline

The Non commissioned officer corps is the backbone of the army and the NCOs are the spine, there all an integral necessary part to functioning army of today. NCOs keep order and dicipline within the ranks of lower enlisted and in return for there authoritating respect they take care of lower enlisted. This is what makes the orders of an NCO a very important aspect of unit cohesion. By disobeying the orders of an NCO you not only damage youself, but the NCO and the entire unit.

For disobeying the simple orders of an NCO in my platoon, I have damaged myself and my unit. I have shown indicipline and a lack of respect, damaging not only myself but everyone around me. Junior soldiers seeing my actions could get the incorrect example of soldiers bareing and behavior. This can cause future disrespect and issues amongst the ranks. I did not address the NCOs questioning me with the proper titles and I blatently disrespected them by not following orders. This is something a functioning unit requires, something i failed to do. During the mornings PT run I refused to run to the front of the formation after I was given an order to do so, I began to break off from the formation and was asked by another NCO again to go to the front of the formation, by refusing him, I showed disrespect to both of the NCOs, something not tolerated in the US army as everyone must work as a team. Failing to follow these orders has resulted in corrective training amosnt other punishments, but knowing that my actions could have resulted in much harsher punishment, I am fortuante to only have the ones assigned. The Uniform Code of Military Justice article 86, 91, and 92 states that a soldier can be discharged for unlawful disrespect and failure to follow orders

Working as a team is essential to keep the army and the country strong. Following orders and showing respect with using proper titles for you superiors is a basic element of...
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