Disposable People

Topics: Slavery, Debt bondage Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: February 20, 2011
When I first heard of the novel, Disposable People by Kevin Bales I did not know what to expect. Little did I know that this book would really open my eyes to a different world that I did not exist. The first story that I read was of Seba. Seba is a young woman who was a slave in France. What struck me the most about this story is that she was promised to receive an education. Instead of this education, she was beaten and abused. She did not even know how old she was or how long she had been a slave at the house. I can not believe that any one would be treated that way. It just is not right. She was whipped with a wire when she was late to pick up the kids, which to me is just a simple mistake that did not receive that drastic of a consequence. What makes me sad about Seba’s story is that she had the intelligence of a five year old when she was twenty two. No one deserves to be treated that way no matter who or what one did.

Along with her story, the novel talks about the different types of slavery. I did not even know that there were different types of slavery. The one that I was really aware was of the debt slavery. It was the first time that I had heard about chattel slavery and contract slavery. When I first read about contract slavery the first thought that came to mind was, “ Who would sign a contract to be a slave?” But as I continued to read about it, I started to understand that being a slave is not a choice. It is something that is forced upon a person. Some people get kidnapped into slavery and have no hopes in getting out. Some children as young as twelve fall into this horrible pattern.

Siri’s story is the story that really hit home to me. Siri is a young girl who lives in a brothel as a prostitute. Now Siri is only around fifteen years old. My little sister just turned thirteen. I can not even imagine my little sister being in an environment like that. I would sacrifice myself before I ever see my sister in a place...
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