Displacement Lab

Topics: Mass, Volume, Measurement Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Lab 2
Sara Rodriguez
Period 2
Purpose: What is the more accurate way to measure volume, by using displacement or by using a ruler? Hypothesis: If the method of displacement is used , then the results will be more accurate than measuring the volume using a ruler. Materials:

-250 mL graduated cylinder
-Triple beam balance
-A weigh boat
1. Gather materials such as , samples, weigh boat, triple beam balance , graduated cylinder, ruler and water. 2. Take the materials to where to a work area.
3. Zero out the triple beam balance.
4. Place the weigh boat on scale, move the knots in the ones place until the lines on the triple beam balance are even. 5. Record the weight of the weigh boat in the table, according to the sample. 6. Take the sample you are using and place it in the weight boat on the triple beam balance scale. 7. Weigh sample , estimate the answer to the hundredths place. 8.Record the weight in the appropriate row from the table.

9. Subtract the weigh boat’s weight from the sample’s true mass. 10. Next, Get the graduated cylinder.
11. Fill up the cylinder with 300 mL of water.
12. Place the sample into the graduated cylinder with water. 13. Record the new water level.
15. Subtract the new water level from 300 mL .
16. Record the volume of the sample in the appropriate row.
17. After that, take a ruler and a sample.
18. Measure EACH side of the sample.
19. Multiply the values together.
20. Record the answer as the volume for the sample used.
21. To find the density of the data, divide the mass by the volume. 22. To discover the percent error subtract the accepted values ( which are given to the student by the instructor ) from the density. 23. Divide that number by the accepted value .

24. Multiply by one hundred.
25.That is the percent error.
26. Repeat these steps until all the information is gathered for the table. 27. When the instructor posts the rest of the class’ data, record it and find the...
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