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Gadegalu - Kannada Proverbs
Gadegalu are the sayings about life and people. There are hundreds of gadegalu in Kannada and its origins are probably as old as the language itself. Below are some of tbe proverbs in Kannada- * Hasige iddashtu kaalu chaachu- extend your legs only as far as the bed not beyond - live within your means. * Bheedeli hogo maari na manege karidange-

* Maadidunno Maraya - what you sow is what you reap
* Uppa thinda mele neeru kudiyalebeku- you have to drink water after eating salt; this and previous one can used under the same context. * Yaarado duddinalli yellamanna jaatre
* Aagodella volledakke- what ever happens, it is always for good. * Ganda-Hendara jagala thindu malugovarege- Husband and wife's fight usually ends once they Eat and get back into bed * Kaallake takkanthe nadiabeku, tallake takkanthe kuniabeku- we should change with time and dance to the tune. * Anna haakida manege kanna hakabeda - Don't bite the hand that feeds you. * Maari kannu hori myale, kadukan kannu kuri myale.

* Paalige bandidhe paramanna.
* Saavira sullu heli ondu madhuve maadu- Fix a marriage by telling 1000 lies * Kallana numbidhru kullana nambabeda- You can trust a thief but never trust short people. * Nelakke bhidroo meese mannagilla

* Yaava huttadilli yaava haavu irutho - never decide on the type of snake by seeing the pit, it can be anything or misleading. * Devaru olidaroo poojari oliyolla.
* Namma devara sathya namage gotthu.
* Hagalakaige bevinakaayi saakshi.
* Kai kesaradarae baai mosaru.
* Kaige banda thutthu baige baralilla.
* Rogi baysidhu haalu anna vaidya helidhu haalu anna
* kallanigondhu pille neva
* Kuniyalaradavalu nela donku andalanthe
* hodeya pishachi andre bandheya gawakshilee
* hoda putta banda putta
* Shiva Poojeli Karadi bittanga
* Kumbala kaayi kalla andre hegalu mutti nodkonda
* Malli malli manchakke eshtu kaalu andre mooru mattondu andlante * Kallana manassu hul hulge
* Beeso Dhonne thapidare nooru varsha ayeshu. - If you can manage to escape the swinging stick you will live 100 years. * Naari olidhare mari - Women would become a demon if you mess with them. * Naari olidare naari, munidare maari-When a women is pleased with you she is an angel, if she is angry with you she is a devil. * Etthu erige eledare Kona Neerige eliyitu.

* Maneyavarige maari, pararige upakari
* Mutthu koduvalu bandalu antha, tutthu kottavalannu mareya baradu * Sindagattada devaru hind mund aada
* Kelasavillada kumbhara mai parichikonda
* Gokulashtami goo, imamsaabi goo en sambandh
* Indhu aalagi balidavane munde aarasaaguva - one who lives like a slave today, will be the king tomorrow. * Halliddavarige kadle illa,kadle idhavarige hallilla
* yellara mane dosenu thoothesahodara mavana chaalu thundara thundara paalu * aLiya alla magaLa gaMDa - [he is] not my Son-in-law, but my daughter's husband. * aaDidare aragiNi kaaDidare naagara kaaTa- if you act out you are a royal parrot, if annoyed, you bother like a cobra-Meaning: when things are fine you are excellent companion, the moment it goes wrong you are like a sarpent * aLo gaMDusna nago heMgusna naMba baaradu-believe not a nagging man or a gleeful female-Meaning: should not belive the men who crys for everthing and similar a lady who takes delight in everything * aYYoo paapa aMdre arda aayassu- say pity, have half life -Meaning: show pity on someone your lifespan will be cut short i.e., you spend half your life worrying about it. -Meaning: Don't be kind to one and everyone, some times people take you for a ride. * aaDuvava aaDidre nODuvavage siggu - If an actor enacts [without inhibitions], spectator gets ashamed -Meaning: an actor may perform to the embarrassment of the spectator * aMjidavana mEle kappe haaridaMge - Its like frog jumping on a person who is already afraid (of it). * allada kanasu kaMDare...
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