Disneyland in Turkey

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Disneyland - where dreams come true

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Table of contents
1. Introduction1
1.1 Background1
1.2 Problem statement1
1.3 Delimitation2
1.4 Methodology2
2. Financial situation2
3. Walt Disney Company in Turkey3
4. The economic situation in Turkey4
5. Opening a Disney resort in Turkey6
6. Conclusion9
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
Walt Disney was the founder of the Walt Disney Company, which produces animated cartoons, television series, movies for children and products related to these productions. He was also the founder of the amusement parks in the USA – in Florida and California, which have been an inspiration to different Disney Resorts all over the world. The Walt Disney Company owns or have shares in every Disney Resort and Park in the world. 1.2 Problem statement

The Walt Disney Company opened its first Disney Resort in 1955 by saying that their aim is to create a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. Throughout the years they have carried on their work and built an empire worth of 104.91 billion US dollars. As the company is still in a development and expanding, then the purpose of this report is to find out what should The Walt Disney Company research and do in order to open a Disney Resort in Turkey.

The report will focus on the following points:
* What were the financial results of the Walt Disney Company in 2011? * How is the Walt Disney Company represented in Turkish market currently? * What is the economic situation of Turkey, economic situation of residents in Turkey and how is this relevant to the Wald Disney Company if they consider opening a new Disney Resort in Turkey? * What should the Walt Disney Company consider in order to open a Disney Resort in Turkey?

1.3 Delimitation
Due to relevance the report will solely be based on the economic development from 2010 till the end of 2011.
It would have been appropriate to analyze different Disney Resorts and Parks and their creating separately as this would give a better overview of the business. Such analysis would be interesting, because it would help us to understand how a Disney theme park is built and operated and what research is necessary before opening one.

Furthermore, the report will focus on the Disney Parks and Resort as an unity, not on the different resorts separately. 1.4 Methodology
The report will first have a look at the financial results of the annual report of the Walt Disney Company in 2010 and 2011 with a focus on the Disney Parks and Resorts. Afterwards, the report will take a look at the Walt Disney Company's actions in Turkey right now and how they are represented there currently.

In order to answer questions presented in the problem statement, this report will look into the economic situation of Turkey, the people in Turkey and show the relevance of the situation from the viewpoint of the Walt Disney Company. The report will also determine whether the Walt Disney Company should open a Disney Resort in Turkey and what should the Walt Disney Company take into a consideration before opening a Disney Resort in Turkey. To analyze this problem, the PEST model will be used. In conclusion, a suggestion will be given whether it is wise to open a Disney Resort in Turkey or not. 2. Financial situation

To find the Walt Disney Company's financial situation, we have briefly analyzed the annual financial report of the Walt Disney Company from 2010 till 2011. There it can be seen how the Walt Disney Company has experienced an increase in their revenue and a decrease in costs. From 2010 till 2011 they had an increase of 18 % within only the section of parks and resorts. See appendix 1. The parks and resorts revenues had an increase of 10 %. Disney parks and resorts had an increase of 898 million US dollars at their domestic operations and an increase of 138 million US...
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