Disneyland Abroad

Topics: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disneyland Resort, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 7, 2010

Different DisneyLand theme parks deal with cultural differences among Disney theme parks located in different countries. It begins by discussing the difficulties encountered when associating American Disney theme park norms to HKD. It explores Disney’s efforts to rectify dilemmas highlighted in the media involving differences among the culture, park guests, and disgruntled employees. It examines the initial attractiveness of Hong Kong to Disney and the current factors limiting its success in the country. This case study is an excellent demonstration of how Disney failed to translate its strategic assets to the Chinese culture and the challenges present to turn things around. (99 words)

HKD opened with the expectations of 5.6 million visitors the first year and visions of the success of another Tokyo Disney Resort. However, HKD was unable to present its products, practices, and ideologies with the success of Tokyo Disney. This was due to managerial policies as well as many ethical dilemmas among the Chinese culture brought upon by park practices. Among the dilemmas due to managerial policies were capacity issues. Capacity limit issues of 30,000 visitors were thought to have been too high and the measures taken to control the daily number of visitors and avoid long queues at the entrance and on rides were not effective. Factors were not taken into account such as public holidays like the Lunar New Year in Mainland China which caused HKD the inability to accommodate all of the guests. This resulted into a huge amount of dissatisfaction among the Chinese tourists who had saved all year for the trip and were accompanied by other family members. Ethical issues were also a main factor causing dissatisfaction among Chinese tourists and employees. In addition to complaining that HKD was too small, tourists also claimed that they were mistreated during their stay at the park and some had filed lawsuits. Employees complained of being...
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