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Marketing plan for HK Disneyland

Disneyland is the strong brand name in the world. Hong Kong is home to the fifth Disney Resort in the world and the city's landscape and vibrant, diverse culture have inspired our Imagineers to create a variety of entertainment that is unique to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort brings the magic of a world-class entertainment experience to people of all ages. Nowadays, HK Disneyland will be competing with local and other country theme park .More competitors go into share the market. The following is explain more about plan for our company marketing planning on the few years

Executive Summary

HK Disneyland is preparing to launch more products, services and more attraction. To arrive this goals, I think enlarge to develop it. Our objective is creating news product/service and get more customer .Our company wills offers a unique combination of features at value-added price. We are target on different segments customers. It can be make higher demands in the future. Moreover, objective is to achieve market share leader and financial objectives are achieve sales revenues increased more by 50% , the number of family tourists has increased by 20%, whereas the number of tourists aged below 16 has increased by 35% over the same period. HK Disneyland is a long-term investment and an important component of our tourism infrastructure. It helps develop Hong Kong into the premier destination for family tourists in the region due to growth of visitors.

Current Marketing Situation

HK Disneyland faces to hypercompetitors and many theme parks in the theme park entertainment market. For example, Singapore Universal Studios, Ocean Park is enlarging the area and build a hotel, Shanghai Disneyland will build. Diversification products/services are increasing popular today; forecasts suggest that annual sales of such devices will grow more than 50% for the next few years. More visitors income increased and life standard quality is improving due to their country economy turns better , so visitors is growth especially China visitors. China government has loosen the entry restrictions for citizens of many different countries. Hence, more intense demands are increasing. Moreover, nowadays rapid development of information technology, we can find some information and buy ticket and hotel in internet .New technology can improve our service too! The market segments will target all (we don’t ignore generation Y, because they are willing spend money on this status but still concentrate the family segments.

China market has 20 millions children, we can solve their tension and make them fulfillment. To gain market share in dynamic environment, Disneyland must carefully target specific segments with features that deliver benefits valued by each customer group.

Market Description

HK Disneyland welcome all different age of visitors to come for has a fun. Specific segment being targeted include Baby boomer, Honeymooners, family such as Full nester, Student, Generation Y, Children .The following table shows how Disneyland suits the needs of targeted consumer segment. Disneyland consists of different product and service to cater the customer. E.g. Baby boomer like to watch parade and fireworks; Honeymooners take a photo for wedding album; family bring the child to see stage show ;student and generation Y enjoy the exciting rides and musical; children like cartoon character. In fact, all this entertainment facility is popular and caters all of the segments.

|Targeted Segment |Customer Need |Corresponding feature/Benefit | |Baby Boomer |- Sight seeing |- Inspiration Lake and Recreation Center | | |- with rich experience and extensive |- Park Promenade | | |knowledge...
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