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Disneyland: A Public Space Analysis

I. Background:

The concept of public space is perceived as that of an external environment that is populated by material things, people and other living things like plants and animals. According to a sociological study of urban spaces and its dimensions, it was said that there are four (4) foremost environmental stimuli ( Carmona, 87). These stimuli are vision, hearing, smell and touch or feel. Vision relies heavily on the perception of distance, colour, shape, texture and contrast gradients, etc. Hearing involves “acoustic space” which is “all-surrounding” and is supposedly emotionally rich (Carmona, 87). The stimuli of smell, like hearing is not well developed in humans (unlike some predatory animals) but it also provides emotionally enriched stimulation. The last but not the least is the sense of touch or feel - which surprisingly comes through our feet, and buttocks (when we sit down) rather than the hands (Carmona, 87).

All of the four stimuli to our sense of public space was fulfilled by our topic of analysis which is Disneyland. It also added a fifth dimension to our stimuli - that which stimulates the brain and imagination as to how much public space can change us and affect us all. II. Answers to posted questions:

Location analysis. Also, what does your analysis of your space reveal about Los Angeles and its use of public space?
Disneyland in Los Angeles (LA) is one of the better public places to go - if only people’s entry and exit are limited to a certain number so as not to overwhelm the limited facilities and amenities that it offers to the paying public. LA in general is like a macrocosm of Disneyland in the sense that its public utility facilities are being over run by the influx of people that comes into L.A. and stays to work and live on it instead of just coming and going....
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