Disneyization Emotional Labour

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First and foremost, according to the journal article “Disneyization of Society” written by (Bryman, 2004) under chapter 5 performative labour, emotional labour can be defined as state of affairs between employees as part of their working roles needing to express feelings and emotions preferably to seem as though their emotions are deeply held within their job requirements. The type of emotions delivered can be encouraging or undesirable emotions or in other words, positive or negative emotions. All though there can be negative or positive emotional labour, in this chapter the author focuses more on positive emotions such as the ones that supposed to make a recipient of the emotional labour feel good about the worker and the organisation for which he or she works. It is said that, emotional labour is always about acting and giving out emotions that make a recipient feel good. Hence, the central concept and Emotional labour does not exhaust the ways in which emotions relate to and are influenced in organisation. There are several ways in which emotions and feelings take on significance in an organisation, but in drawing attention to emotional labour the focus is being placed on a feature of Disney’s theme parks that are spreading throughout the service sector. Increasing organisations nowadays seek to motivate employees by raising commitments to the firm or a team, so that they become emotional tied to it. As a result of this, they are expected to commit themselves, not just to their jobs but to the firm and all that it represents. The ways that employees’ emotions are enlisted for organizational ends is through developing mission statements and designing organisational culture values. This is done to create a sense of meaning and attachments for them are among the main mechanisms for creating that bond.

2. Emotional labour can be well-defined by ways of a strength involved in carrying out emotional instruction to fulfil with personal demands required in order to execute a job in a business (Monaghan, 2006). Having good or negative emotions has its own consequences in an organisation. First and foremost, it is vital for an organisation to have personnel’s that portray good emotional labour because this will lead to a component of the service that the organisation is providing. In other words, emotional labour is a basis of differentiation (Bryman, 2004). For example, when an employee is at work and gives out good feelings towards their job in handling customers, customers would feel that they are handled well and therefore, they would remember the organisation because of the decent facilities that has been given to them (Bryman, 2004). Moreover, organisations that have an extensive range of challengers would value having differentiation in terms of emotional labour because clients would be contented to come back because the facility provided was an impressive one (Bryman, 2004). This would be an essential part for the organisation because without customers there wouldn’t be sales and the organisations would find it difficult to survive (Bryman, 2004). This is because; customers are the assets of any organisation (Bryman, 2004). Therefore it is very important for a business to secure its “customer assets” (Groth, et al., 2006). In addition, in organizations that provide services such as call centres, where employees are usually required to manage their emotional expression toward customers (Hochschild, 1983 cited in Bryman, 2004), they should have good emotions because what they say or how they speak on the phone will affect the status of the organisation that they are employed for (Bryman, 2004). So it is vital for the employees to display appropriate positive emotional expression for example expressing a smile on the phone in customer service call centres (Ghalandari, et al., 2012). As stated in the article “Disneyization of Society written by the author Bryman, customers are...
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