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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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The Logic of “Walt’s Way”
This paper will analyze of the secret to the success of Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Company. This paper will use Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson’s book, The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company. This paper gives particular interest to chapter 1, “Walt’s Way”, which summary the essence of Disney’s success. The chapter will be analyzed in seven areas. First, the main purpose of this chapter will be discussed. Second, the key question that the authors address in this chapter will be discussed. Third, the most important information in this chapter will be discussed. Fourth, the inferences in this chapter will be discussed. Fifth, the key concepts a reader needs understand this chapter will be discussed. Sixth, the implications of the author’s reasoning will be discussed. Finally, the main points of view presented in this chapter will be discussed.

The main purpose for the authors to write this chapter of the book is to introduce audience to the four pillared philosophy that drove Walt Disney’s success. Disney’s principles of success are Dream, Believe, Dare, Do. In 1923, Walt Disney was an artist struggling to get his first film-making business off the ground when he borrowed $550 from an uncle. Walt Disney, a humble man became a legend through the creation of the Walt Disney Company (Capodagli & Jackson, 2007). The four principles were essential to Walt Disney reaching desirable outcomes in his personal and business endeavors. The authors believe that the Disney story embodies valuable lessons for every company. In this 2007 revised edition of The Disney Way the authors point out others companies who have found success through commitment to the principles of “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do.”

The key question that the authors are addressing: “How to teach other to achieve personal and business success through utilizing Walt Disney’s four principles?” Fortune Magazine named The Disney Way as...
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