Disney Strategic Planning Initiative

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  • Published : August 14, 2011
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Any organization would need to make sure it is on solid ground before taking a chance on growth and return. Strategically the initiative would be to build a relationship between three solid areas; sell the strategic need first, operational development, and financial planning. Our team paper will illustrate a strategic initiative for the Disney organization as well as identify an initiative discussed in Disney’s Annual Report. The focus will look at how the initiative affects Disney’s financial planning and explain how the initiative can affect the costs as well as sales within this organization. Last but not least, our paper will describe the risks associated with the initiative and financial effects the risks may have to the organization. The conclusion will recap the importance and value of the relationships between the strategic and financial planning initiatives within The Walt Disney Company. Strategic Planning Initiative

The Walt Disney Company Annual Report provides financial information with a solid structure plan; to develop a creative market and sell to consumers. However, a major concern for Disney would include inaccuracies and risk to operate the business. Because of the volatility of the world’s economy Disney cannot always accurately predict the corporations’ future successes or failures. Disney does use a value and risk model (VAR) at a 95% confidence level to estimate the one-day loss in interest rate, foreign exchange, or market sensitive equities. These financial objectives are important because they affect the corporations’ working capital daily. The goal of this paper is to address the inaccuracies of the projected earnings and create a more confident and accurate process of planning financial gains or losses.

When planning the financial outlook for the corporation, the accounting department needs to observe different financial attributes for a past period. They must confidently predict what the change for that timeframe will...
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