Disney Princesses

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  • Published : November 26, 2007
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Disney movies are full of sexist messages which teach young girls to fulfill a submissive role in society. According to Disney's Director of Franchise Management for their consumer products, "The Disney Princess brand has gone beyond the dress-up and toys, and begun to look at the brand as a lifestyle, filling out all of the other things girls need in life." Disney profits off of and relies on young girls false illusions, and even goes so far as to offer "Princess Classes" in Disney stores. These classes teach young "Princesses-in-training" everything from teamwork, table manners, and truthfulness, to courtesy, compassion, curtseys and kindness.

Young girls have learned to idolize the Disney princesses, and have even began to look at them as the perfect role models to follow in order to achieve perfect lives. Disney opened their "Disney Princess" line in 2000, and after one year, reached $300 million in sales. After 3 years their sales reached $2.5 billion. There is no doubt that their sexist message is reaching millions of children around the world. I will now focus on how sexist messages are communicated through 3 of Disney's princesses: Snow White, Ariel and Belle.

Snow White's only emphasized skills are her appearance and housekeeping skills. The evil queen hates her because she is "the fairest of them all", and the only reason the hunter doesn't kill her is because she is to pretty to kill. These scenes present the message that the greatest quality a woman can possess is beauty. Snow white is also categorized as an innocent and perfect and obedient housewife whose only talents lie in her ability to cook and clean, which she does right away upon entering the dwarves cottage. In the original Grimm Brothers Snow White, Snow White used her cooking and cleaning as a bartering tool, while Disney suggests domestic chores are part of female nature. It's apparent a woman's role is at home keeping the house in order while the men sing "It's off to work we...
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