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Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disneyland Paris Pages: 33 (9896 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Executive Summary

This report is about the ‘not-so-wonderful world’ of Euro Disney a.k.a (also known as) Disneyland Paris. Euro Disney is Europe’s No.1 family entertainment park. All the same it has had its moments of ups and downs. This adventure that Euro Disney has been through has been full of surprise and anticipation. The management have had to re-evaluate their strategies in order to pull out of the crisis facing them.

Every company must analyse the marketing mix, i.e. Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution while planning their market entry strategy. Since the American management were successful while launching the brand previously, in the USA and Japan, they thought it best to use the same formula in Europe. They were met with surprise during the scheme of things. The French market was not welcoming to their American ways. Their strategy needed re-thinking. This time round they had to understand the underlying problems and find solutions to make a ‘turnaround’. The report analyses and studies the French market using the PEST analysis. It also reviews the Internal and External Environment of Euro Disney to suggest how the company must use its Strengths and Opportunities to the optimum and reduce its weakness and threats. Further, the report looks at the current plan of Disneyland to enter China and makes recommendations for its future plans. The report assumes that Disneyland Paris will spread its wings further into new territories and hence makes possible suggestions for its new locations around the globe. These analyses have been based on market research and the researchers findings, which have been attached in the appendix.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction4
2. Case Study Summary and The French Market4
2.1. The Key Aspects6
2.2. General Findings about the European/French Market7
2.2.1. Cultural and Social Characteristics7
2.2.2. Economic and Political Environment8
2.2.3. Competitors8
3. Planning for The French Market9
3.1. Phase One10
3.1.1. Ethnocentrism and Self-Reference Criteria10
3.1.2. Euro Disney’s Expectations of The (French) Visitor11 3.1.3. Euro Disney’s Financing and The European Recession11 3.2. Phase Two12
3.3. Phase Three and Four13
4. Disneyland Resort Paris’ Turnaround13
5. SWOT Analysis16
5.1. Analysis of the Internal Environment of Disneyland Paris16 5.2. Analysis of the External Environment of Disneyland Paris17 6. PEST Analysis18
6.1. Political Environment18
6.2. Economic Environment19
6.3. Socio-Cultural Environment19
6.4. Technological Environment20
7. Recommendations20
7.1. Opening a Second Park in China20
7.1.1. Why (not) China?20
7.1.2. Shanghai v/s Beijing21 Economic Factors21 Major Events Support The Disney Project22 Demographic Analysis24 Conclusion25 Considering Cultural Aspects25
8. Analyses of Potential Markets for Walt Disney’s Theme Parks26 8.1. Brazil26
8.1.1. Economic Factors26
8.1.2. Cultural Aspect27
8.1.3. Political Stability27
8.1.4. Environment and Demography28
8.2. India28
8.2.1. Economic Factors28
8.2.2. Cultural Aspect29
8.2.3. Political Stability30
8.2.4. Environment and Demography30
8.3. Brazil or India?30
9. Conclusion31
Appendix A: Timeline - Significant Events for EuroDisney in Paris34 Appendix B: The French Theme Park Market35
Appendix C: Brazilians Age (Men x Women)35
Appendix D: Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity per capita GDP37 Appendix E: Brazilian Consumer Expenditure38

1. Introduction
‘Euro Disney shares, which made their debut on the Paris stock market in 1989 at 11 euros, have lost 98% of their value and closed yesterday at 23 European cents. The company continues to carry around 2 billion euros in debt, costing it 100...
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