Disney Editorial

Topics: World War II, Donald Duck, Walt Disney Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: February 12, 2013
After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Disney Studio were happy to join in the war effort in WWII. They began producing mass amounts of patriotic films at a fast pace. Before the war, they only produced 37,000 feet per year of film but a few weeks after the war started, they produced 200,000 feet of film per year. This sounds very patriotic of them, however they are only agreeing to do this because they wanted publicity. They overpowered the other Hollywood Studio’s wartime output because they made the cost very inexpensive. Disney movies usually costs about $200 per foot of film but for the war effort, it was only $4 per foot. They didn’t give any chances for the other studios to help because the Disney Studio just wanted fame. Along with fame, Disney wanted to encourage children to be sucked into believing that war was a good thing. They designed many cartoon characters such as Donald Duck who was a marine, Dopey the Dwarf who bought war bonds and Flower the Skunk who served in chemical warfare. Disney did this so they would have even more fame, even if it takes brainwashing innocent children into believing that violence is okay. They want to make the children hate the enemy and made Germany, Japan and Italy into the Big Bad Wolf and two little wolves. Disney gave booklets to schoolchildren and gave the Victory March booklet to young people to encourage saving stamps. If they purchase those stamps, they would be supporting Disney and that is what Disney want. They would go out of their ways to become rich and took money out of these children’s pockets. In addition to persuading children, Disney also encourages American housewives, using the film called Food Will win the War. They taught them to save kitchen grease and fat to convert to glycerin for making explosive bombs. These bombs can even be dangerous to the American troops if they are too close to the explosion.
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