Disney Case Analysis

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Disney Case Write up:

Disney from the start has had a competitive advantage to others in the film industry for the plain fact as Walt says, “Cartoons unlike actors can be perfectly controlled to avoid any negative imagery.” This statement is the key stone to how Disney has so successfully created value. Disney has pursued its corporate level strategy by maintaining the value of the brand, managing creativity, and encouraging synergy throughout the corporation.

Managing the Disney brand has become an increasingly difficult task since Walt’s death. Times have changed and it is becoming more difficult as Disney grows to stick to the “timeless family values” it was founded on as times become more controversial and sensitive social issues come into play. Therefore it is essential to the corporate level strategy that Disney carefully manage how the brand is perceived by consumers. Since the beginning Disney has been seen as traditional, to deviate from this image could essentially ruin the brand that has built. This concept becomes more difficult at the corporate level when considering multiple business entities. At the corporate level it is more important to strictly adhere to the wholesome family values when it comes to anything with the actual Disney name however, evolve and adjust with the riskier market trends under different labels as not to damage the Disney core.

Managing creativity is a difficult but essential task for the Disney cooperate strategy. Walt was the creative force that drove Disney to success, after his death it was difficult for people to foster creativity on their own because they were afraid to ruin the Disney magic. Eisner found creative ways such as the “gong show” to facilitate and manage creativity. Also, it is important to find a balance between the creative and financial forces. This creates tension to get the best product possible without over spending.

Lastly, and most important to the overall corporate strategy is...
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