Disney Case

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Safal Desai
Managing The Magic

1.) Disney difference is “high-quality creative content, backed up by a clear strategy for maximizing that content’s value across platforms and markets.” It means whatever Disney makes or creates for its customers they want to give the most quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. By using the corporate strategy it sets a mission to make the magic happen from books, toys, and games to online media, soundtracks, and DVD’s and making it an real experience. According to competitive strategy it is complete in its business because Disney provides more than one product to satisfy all ages and group of its customers from theme parks to its on channel on television. Its functional strategy provides various functional departments to support its competitive strategy by being in same city as its biggest competition universal studios are in and providing lower prices on their theme parks and products. 2.) The challenges that Disney might face doing business is Russia will be the low economic situations and to control and large number of audience in Russia. To face the challenges in Russia Disney top management team need to create a goal to become successful. They need to create a short term and long term plan on this project of launching a Disney channel. Instead of traditional goal setting this company needs to use management by objectives, a process of setting mutually agreed upon goals and using those goals to evaluate employee performance. Disney need to apply a strategy of benchmarking which is the search of the best practices among competitors or no competitors that lead to their superior performance. 3.) Disney’s Hong Kong Disneyland in order to be successful needs to set real goals; they need to research on benchmarking strategy weapon which will search the best practices among competitors that lead to their superior performance. It needs to plan a strategic plan that apply to an entire...
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