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Has Disney diversified too far in recent years?
Disney is a brand multiplier enterprise, for example, with the Disney brand do multiplier, multiplied by a variety of means of operation in the back to get the maximum profit. Such business thinking amorphous, Disney began to put most of the profits completely turned to film and television products produced outside. Disney’s happy culture behinds additional full commercial culture, art downright commercialization. Disney has introduced a Ministry exquisitely cartoons should vigorously promote the launch of each movie to play at the box office, earned the first round of release prints and videotapes. Then the follow-up product development, the theme park is one, each put a cartoon theme park to add a new character, creating atmosphere in the movies and the park, allowing visitors to visit the theme happily Park, Disney thus earned the second round. The then branded products, Disney in the United States and around the world to establish a number of Disney Store, Disney earned through the sale of branded products, third round. That was not enough, Disney continues the acquisition of TV channels, already has cartoon movie channels, home entertainment channels, and even bought a news channel. Go to Disneyland to buy Disney cartoon, this is one of the habits of Americans.

Operators group of companies from Disney, the operations of the company are made up by four main business areas are as follows: 1. Entertainment 2. Media Network 3.Theme park 4. Related customer products.

To make all things above happen, Disney might have gone so far to in recent years, because the different culture across different companies might affect adversely the whole culture image of Disney, different strategies from employees might lead internal conflict. And it is hard to gain profit with the increasing cost of managing all different departments. Diversification is a neutral in business industry, it is unnecessary always a good thing...
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